July 31, 2013  |  Fitness, My Daily Workout Log


My daily workout log is coming back!

Let’s motivate each other and get great bikini body together~~! 

Monday: Barre Dancing

Tuesday: Circuit Training + Swimming

Wednesday: Barre 

Thursday:Circuit Training +Swimming

Friday: Barre Dance

Weekend: REST


Bikini: Tori Praver (here, here, here)


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  1. Motivating! Ha Ha. Just in time when I was thinking about skipping gym today.

  2. wow!super hot!I’m lucky to see both pictures!

  3. haha!weekend还没到已经写好rest了。

  4. WOW! I will never get that bikini body no matter what I do :). But I am happy with what I look like now.
    Mon – Fri Lunch time: 50 minutes P90X Power Yoga
    Mon – Sun Evening: 25 minutes P90X Cardio + 15 minutes P90X Ab/Ripper + 50 minutes P90X Leg/Back or Arms/Shoulders or Core/ Synergistic or Chest/Back or Chest/Shoulders or Back/Biceps
    Rest for 2 nights (If missed during weekday, make-up during weekend)
    Is my schedule too much?

    I hate it, but I love it.

    • Lydia,
      If I read it right, you are working out about 2.5hrs/day 5days a week. Honestly, I think you are doing waaaay tooooo much! It is not the optimal to train yourself even for pros. I don’t know anything about your nutrition intake, which is actually even more important than exercises.

      To train your way, there are couple of potential concerns:
      1) Sustainability: I don’t know how long you can keep doing like this.
      2) Overtrain and injury: human body has its own way to operate, “the more, the better” theory simply does not apply here, if not does the opposite.

      My humble suggestions to you:
      1) Know your fitness goal, what specifically do you want to achieve
      2) Generally speaking, 1hr/day, 3-5times/week workout is sufficient for most of us, even for pros preparing for her bikini model competitions.
      3) Check out your nutrition intake depending on your fitness goal.

      Hope this makes sense.

      • Hi Jane. I visit often on my favorite post Happy Hour. I like it having a variety in the routine and combination of cardio and toning. But I cut everything to half, 3-4 times a week due to limited time during lunch hour and I personally couldn’t keep up to 1 hour yet, but I think I would improve over time. In this post, you suggested also 1 hour/day. Is there a theory behind it? I have noticed improved lines on my arms and waist, but the “donut ring” area still needs improvement. I wonder if I am not exercising long enough. Also, you mentioned about taking protein shakes with your workout, do you also take it on the off days just to keep up the protein intake? I don’t eat much meat, so I am thinking about add protein shakes to the diet. Thanks as always for the helpful post.

        • Novy,
          1) There is no hard science behind my 1hr theory. It’s simply based on my own and others’ experience over the years. It’s thorough yet efficient and combined both cardio and weight training. You can start with 30-40mins and move on little by little or whenever your schedule allows. Fitness is a journey, not a destination. The key thing is keep doing, keep moving, and don’t get injured.
          2)Generally, I do not drink protein shake during my off days.I mainly rely on foods (I eat lots of meats:) The reason why after workout is the best time to drink protein shake is because solid food takes more time to digest and to break down the protein and send it to the muscles, it can be best to take a protein shake immediately following a workout, since protein shakes only take about 30 minutes to reach the muscle after ingestion.

          • Got it. Thanks.
            BTW. I don’t have much fashion sense, but I would say you look better in dresses than the models within the links. Fat free is the key. :-)

  5. The video said that there is no need to do the Ab every day because we don’t do other part of the body every day. But some article said it is OK to excise Ab every day. How do you think?

    The video said that there is no need to do the Ab every day because we don’t do other part of the body every day. But some article said it is OK to excise Ab every day. How do you think?

    I am trying to do the Ab every day merely because it only takes 15 minutes and it is so hard to burn my Ab fat and to build the muscle. (better now than before, but the result is not that obvious.)

    • 1) I DO NOT do any isolated abs works at all.
      2) I DO NOT believe “8-mins-abs” concept at all, it is against how the human body works.
      3) I have not met a single person who has achieved any measurable results by simply exercising their midsection. There is no such thing as SPOT-REDUCE.

      Abs is all about body fat% and age (metabolism and skin tightness). If someone tells you do loads of abs work to get 6packs, simply run away from her/him. :)

    • Jane,thanks for your advice. I will adjust my workout hours. Currently, I take about 1400 calories daily. What is my goal? My goal is to look like you :)
      just kidding. My goal is to lost 5 lbs fat and gain 5 lbs muscles or gain muscle strength. My goal is to fit myself to 2p dresses :) I wear 4p now. Most of all, to be healthy and fit. Honestly, I do feel stressful with my current workout schedule. so I am going to do my current one week works in two weeks. That means 3 to 5 times a week, 1 hour every time. I may also make a appointment with the private trainer to see what he will suggest. Thank you so much for your reply.

      • You are more than welcome, Lydia!
        I like the way you set your goal, I mean by “measurement” (fit/size for clothes) instead of by body weight +/-.
        Do not super focus on gaining/losing lbs, which really means little in terms of great body composition~~!

        Have a great PT is very helpful to get you start off the right track + help to avoid injury.
        Good luck and way to go~~!

        • Jane, your advice made me to do some research and studies online this morning. I began P90X program from Yoga and stretch DVD about a year ago. Until recently, I began the strength parts of the DVD for about several weeks. I found there is a lot of related information online regarding P90X, including schedule, nutrition, etc.
          Here is the P90X wiki ( Here is the P90X schedule ( Obviously, I did too much. I am glad I didn’t go to the wrong ways for too long. I plan to begin with a safe schedule. I will definitely get the motivation from your blog from time to time. Visiting your blog is the first thing to begin my day now.

          • You bet, Lydia! :)
            I personally have no experience with P90X, but I’d love to share anything I know about fitness and nutrition.
            I’d love to see more ladies like you as fitfabfunmom!! :)

  6. Hi, Jane, can I know what is your body fat percentage? and what is a good range to be considered tone and lean for our Asian body? Thanks.

    • Last time checked (a few months ago), my body fat % is around 14%. My trainer then told me that I was in athletic competition level.

      Unfortunately, there is no such thing as “ideal” bf%, because:
      1) Two persons with exactly same % may look totally different. Think about female body builder v.s. skeleton fashion model:) They both could be at 12%.
      2) Different people may have totally different preference/opinion in terms of “toned look”.

      That being said,typically, a female professional bodybuilder in a competition will have a body fat percentage in the essential fat range (8-12%), but it is noted that this typically has negative effects on a women’s health (lack of periods, decreased immunity/recovery/bone mass, etc.) While this level is idealized, it is important to note that it may not be the best choice for one’s body!!

      In my opinion, female with 13%-20% body fat all could look toned, lean, and healthy! I personally do not like the bodybuilder type, instead, victoria secret models are more famine and appealing. :)

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