I’ve been planning to post this for quite some time, so I’m happy I finally have gotten around to doing it! Many of you ask about my favorite skincare products, and I have a variety of them that I switch out every once in a while. This post is about my current favorites that I ‘ve been using and loving for a few months, they are amazing for anti-aging! 

Face Steamer: OKACHI GLIYA (Here) / Facial Toning Kit: Nuface (Here on sale, Here) / Facial Hair Remover: Finishing Touch (HereHere) / Bag: Coach (Here, Here)

Face Steamer: This is so amazing for opening your pores and getting an at-home facial! It moistures and helps with product absorption. Works amazingly! Highly recommend!!

Nuface Toning Kit: It really works! My jawline and neck have improved so much in just a few weeks! I’m using it almost every day! It’s on sale here now!

Facial Hair Remover: It’s so easy to use and works great! Perfect size for travel.

Bag: My current favorite! Great value!

Face Cream: Perricone MD (here, here) / Eye Cream: Perricone MD (here, here) / Serum: Perricone MD (here, not pictured) / Eye Bag Remover: Dr. Brandt (here)

These are miracle products. This is already the third time I’ve purchased the set as they are literally my favorite skincare product right now! They work wonders in terms of getting rid of fine lines, eye-bags and even skin-tones! I noticed the result right away and that’s why I LOVE them! EVER Skincare: Here

This is a fairly new line of skincare products. I found it very gentle yet effective, which is perfect for my sensitive skin. Plus, it has beautiful scent!

That’s all for now. What are your favorite skincare products?


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