Stripe Blazer, fitness basicsStripe Blazer, fitnessStripe Blazer, fitness

I myself am a huge believer of “fitness is a science not magic”! Despite of our strong wills and wild dreams, there are principles that our body obeys. And let me call them “forces of nature” 🙂

I’m going to share some of my fitness beliefs based on my own knowledge and experience:

1。Set goals properly. Long story short: we CAN NOT lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, this is not how our body works. Focus on one thing at a time! 


2。With regard some of you gals’ questions on caloric intake, there is no right answer to everyone. A general rule of thumb for determining your maintenance caloric intake is 10-15 calories per pound of your body weight. However, you need to monitor your progress through measurements. If things are not heading in the right direction, modify your approach…


3。Diet too hard = Bad!Bad=rapid metabolic slowdown and muscle loss!You will plateau way before reaching your goal and with no room to change things!


4。Eat as much right food as possible that still allows for weight/fat loss. Starving yourself does not lead to long-term success~~!


5。Manage stress. Dieting is a physiological stress. Exercise is a physiological stress. We need breaks. By constantly stressing our body, we actually accumulate fatigue. If we are not careful, and continue to push ourselves past this “over-reached” state without managing our fatigue, we can reach a point of being “over-trained”. And this is not a fun place to be… 


6。Never trust anyone as being a “guru”! Because in my opinion, there is no such thing! Think for yourself. Read on your own. Research. Get clarification. And most importantly, try it on your own!


7。Only compare with yourself (before/after). Far too many people will compare themselves to others and get frustrated when they are not having the same results! Do not forget, there’s genetics other than hard working.

8。Consistency is key!

I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend~~! 🙂


Blazer: Bailey 44

T-Shirt + Flip Flops: J.Crew

Skirt: Chinese Brand