how to get your abs back after pregnancy, flat abs after pregnancy, tighten loose skins post pregnancieshow to get your abs back after pregnancy, flat abs after pregnancy, tighten loose skins post pregnancies

(To answer the request of fitness motivation, before/after pic as above: 2004 v.s. 2012)

I’ve got quite a few emails from my fellow fab moms asking how to get flat abs back after pregnancies.

Without further ado, let me answer this question in two fold:

1. Q:”My work-outs are full body work-outs but I have been skipping the extra ab focus routines because I didn’t know if there was any proven facts to help me get my abs back.”

A: Core work is important not for ‘toning’ your midsection…. but because the core is the foundation of our bodies. All movements are initiated or stabilized by the core. If this weren’t the case, we’d fold like a wet noodle. I’d leave it in there to strength and increase the endurance of the core muscles (front and back) without the expectation of it increasing your fat loss in those specific areas. Definitely doing butt loads of sets and reps isn’t necessary. It should just be part of the normal program.  Post pregnancy can really make it that much more of a challenge.  But pretty much anything is achievable within the confines of our genetics.  Certainly any of us (aside those with certain diseases) can get lean. It’s just much easier for some than others~~~.

2. Q: “My belly got back into shape very quickly after having babies. But my problem is I had saggy belly skin post pregnancies, especially right above the navel. Is there any way to get rid of it by working out harder or eating healthier?”

A: Unfortunately, my honest answer to this is NO. Luckily enough, I don’t have stretch marks nor saggy belly skins personally. But I have seen lots of real examples from figure model moms to ordinary moms. In my opinion, this is really about how skin elasticity works, nothing to do with exercising or diet. Other than age (of pregnancy, the younger, the better for skin recovery), genetics, the only thing we can do is prevention. For example: Moisturize your skin & drink lots of water during the pregnancies. Don’t try to lose weight too quickly after pregnancies, as fast weight loss can stress the skin, etc… Maybe there is surgical fix to the saggy skin, but I don’t think it’s worth it anyway.

I hope this answers you gals’ question.  My point is: as moms who want to stay fit&fab, we don’t need to super-focus on abs. I mean the whole body workout will surely deliver much better result for the flat abs in the long run!  Plus, I really hope that we will start to recognize that the beauty of motherhood is the sacrifice of one’s body & personal space to create a new human being. The stretch marks & the saggy skins are just the honor badges of motherhood, aren’t they?!

We give our best and stay proud~~~!


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