I have been taking protein shakes during and/or after my workout in order to maximize the efforts I put into the gym.

And here is the “secret ingredient” of my “Green Protein”~~~:)


In the mix: 

1) 1 scoop plant protein mix powder (my body has limited tolerance for milk, so I have to choose lactose free product)

2) some organic baby spinach (the more the better, I put too little for the pix:)

3) one banana (either fresh or frozen)

4) 1-2 cups homemade soy milk (not shown in pic)

5) 1 tablespoon peanut butter (not shown in pic)

Then just let them mixed up in my favorite Vitamix 5200~~~:)


Here we go! The amazing creamy-cold GREEN PROTEIN! 

It is so refreshing and packed with great nutrients!

There are different theories about when is the best time to have protein drinks.

In my opinion, take the protein drink at least 30 to 45 minutes after working out is more beneficial, because it is the time when our muscles will be repairing themselves. The repairing muscles need protein essentially. Protein drink mixed with some simple carbohydrates can help our body to absorb amino acids more efficiently and use them for current tissue repair and growth.

And there’s one more thing…


Don’t depend only on the protein drinks. They are only supplements.

Make sure to include food protein (such as roasted beef “卤牛肉” shown in the pic above:) , enough carbohydrates and other nutrients. Also drink a lot of water!  🙂