how to shoot fitness picture6 packs

(two pictures above were taken at the same time)

OK, so here I am, ready to share a little secret *_^

Actually, it is a very popular question that has been discussed thousands times on our fitness BBS: as female, do we prefer “川 lines” abs or “defined 6 packs” abs ? 🙂

Well, my answer is quite simple, as you can see from the pictures above, as long as you maintain a certain % body fat, lines or packs, it all depends on how you pose!

Inhale and arch your back, you got 川 lines… (now you know how to pose as Victoria Secret’s model)

Exhale and tuck under, you got 6 packs~~~ (now you know how to pose as fitness magazine’s cover girl)

Now that I let out my little secret, it’s your turn to hit the gym getting your great abs and then to snap whatever great fitness pictures you prefer and have some fun!