lululemon fitness outfit

J.Crew Multistripe dress,<br />J.Crew dress<br />J.Crew schoolboy blazer in navy

Hmmm…love lines?!  Guess what, the two pix above are my before/during and after workout outfit for today:)

But, instead of writing about fashion and style, I’d love to share some of my fitness routines in this post.

This morning, I hit the gym before work and spent 45mins on “tabatas”.

Tabatas are just another form of HIIT.  Any interval session is merely a method of cramming more work into less time in my opinion. And anytime I’ve wanted to do metabolic, calorie-wasting stuff without actually running, I’ve always opted for circuit training like tabatas.

Phew, today’s tabatas really worked me out. I don’t know what it was but I was dying… sweating ridiculously and got so hot I had the chills. Even a cold shower didn’t cool me down.

Set 1:

Jump Rope x 30 sec
Crunches x 30 sec
Plyo Pushups x 30 sec
Sandbag Presses x 30 sec
Band Pulls x 30 sec
Lunging Twists with Med Ball (each for 30 seconds)
Squat Jumps

Set 2:

Jump Rope
Russian Twists
Turkish Getups
Speed Punches with Band
Band Rows
Single Leg Squats
Single Leg Glute Bridges with Band
Jumping Lunges

Set 3:

Hill Sprint
30 crunches
Hill Sprint
Plank x 30 seconds
Hill Sprint
Side Plank x 30 seconds
Hill Sprint
Side Plank x 30 seconds
Hill Sprint
20 Supermans
Hill Sprint
Glute Bridges

The only rest on this last set was walking down the hill. As soon as I hit the bottom I turned around and all-out sprinted to the top and moved right into a calisthenic. I beat myself…well, I guess:-)

Dress: J.Crew
Blazer: J.Crew
Pumps: Banana Republic
Workout outfit: lululemon