Outfit 1: Luna Sports Bra / Luna Tight / Sneakers: Here / Sunnies: Here

Outfit 2: Solana Cropped Tank / Tempo Tight / Hair Clips: Here

Finding good workout gear can often be a challenge, especially for us moms. Most default to typical brands like Nike, Under Armour, Adidas etc. But there are better options. HYLETE is one of them!

As a barre/yoga lover and someone that lives in workout clothes since the pandemic, I’ve recently tried a couple of workout outfits from HYLETE and they are hands down my go to now. They are a few reasons why I love them:

First, they fit perfectly. I wear extra small for both tights and bras and they all fit nicely without riding up or falling down. I especially like the flattering fit around the waist and the seat areas.

Secondly, the materials are great.There is no rubbing or irritation, even when I’ve got my shin guards/elastic band on over them. And they are never see through!

Lastly, they look cute. HYLETE has some great designs and beautiful colors, and I feel happy whenever I’m wearing them.

If you’re looking for some quality gifts for Mother’s Day, I highly recommend you check HYLETE out! They are also offering a fabulous discount with code MOM for 25% off any 2+ women’s products valid till May 10th!


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