Enza Essentials, Fay with Love & Buddha scrub, Kushyfoot, Oh baby chic mama yoga T, Gwenyth barre wear, Smak Apparel workout wear, J.Crew tassel heels, J.Crew mules, AlureVe skincare, collaborations, Her Fashion Box Viper skirt and top, skincare recommendation, workout gears recommendationAs many of you know that I’ve been taking barre class (almost) daily as long as my schedule permits for 3 years.

My current fitness routine contains 5-6 days barre class (1 hour) and 1-2 days weight training (30-45mis) at the gym. You must wonder why barre class so special for me, right?

Here’s the short answer: barre addict, barre class tips, barre fitness tips, barre for moms, fitness tips for moms, woman fitness tips, And I’d also like to share a few tips of mine after years of experience.

1.  It’s ballet-inspired, not ballet. You don’t need dance experience or prior knowledge to take a barre class. Most classes use the barre, which runs along the side of a mirrored wall, as a prop for stretching and strengthening. You’ll work your glutes and your legs in standing positions, and you’ll also get on the floor, underneath the barre, to work your upper body and isolate your core. Some classes also use additional props, like fommats, balls, and light hand weights.

2.  It’s great cross-training. Barre classes are all about strength, balance and flexibility, and if you’re weak in any of those areas it will be challenging. If you go to the gym on your own, you’re probably just going to do the things you’re good at. In class, the teacher will focus on the areas that you’re probably not working otherwise and that will make you stronger and less prone to injuries.

3. Shaking is good! In barre classes, your goal is to start shaking almost immediately after starting an exercise. Don’t be nervous and think you are doing something wrong when your muscles start to tremble. This is actually the goal, when your body shakes, you are exhausting that muscle and forcing it to tone, so embrace the shake!

4. Stick with it. The day after your first barre class is the most sore you will ever feel, so it’s easy to talk yourself out of going. This is surprisingly the most important day to go back. If you work out on the second day, you will push through your soreness and kick-start your fitness goals. Without taking another class soon after your introduction to barre, it can take up to two weeks to get your strength up to par. I personally have seen people who take four to five classes a week lose inches and display more visibly toned physiques. It is inspiring!

5. Dress yourself well. Seriously, you guys this is one of my big motivations! All those super cute tanks, leggings, and socks…I can wear them everyday! My advice is just avoid short or wide leg shorts (there will be a lot of leg lifting going on) or a super baggy, slouchy shirt or pants that could get in your way or make it hard for your teacher to see your form. With that, I’d suggest some great barre workout attires as the following:


(ONZIE Splits59 has been my recent favorite) 



(ToeSox is my go-to pair and I have all colors!) 

Hope this helps and have a nice weekend everyone! Screen-Shot-2014-08-02-at-12.10.15-PM