Workout Bras: Lululemon (Here, Here, Here), Here, Here

Lounge Jogger Pants: Here, Here, Here,Here

Shoes: Here, Here

Max Trainer: Here, Here

Home Workout Gears: Here, Here, Here, Here

Social distancing, self-quarantining, and the closure of many gyms have made it harder to workout since the pandemic. I don’t know about you guys, but with the challenges of working from home and limited access to fitness centers, I am finding it hard to stick to my workout routine. There are many days that I see myself sitting through the never-ending Webex meetings all day long without even stepping out of my office.

In order to get back to shape, I’ve recently started building up my home gym with some affordable options, such as the Max Trainer and some dumbbells so that I can get started with cardio, strength training, or HIIT. I even started taking daily selfies to motivate myself and track progress.

What are some of your tips to stay fit during COVID? I’d love to hear your best practices as well!


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