yonana review

Hmm…something yummy for the weekend?

I wanna tell ya gals one of my newly added kitchen appliance, it’s called Yonanas! 

Yonanas is simply amazing. It turns frozen bananas and other frozen fruits into a delicious, low-cost, healthy treat that looks and tastes like soft serve ice cream. 🙂

Here is how it looks like inside and out ~~~

yonana reviewyonana review

What you need for your yummy ice-cream is quite simple: frozen bananas and other your favorite frozen fruits. That’s it! (No juice, no sugar, nothing else)

You turn on the machine and feed the frozen fruits through the feed chute. A creamy, smooth ice-cream ejects out of the end into your bowl.

Simple and healthy!

yonana reviewyonana3

There are couple of good reasons why I love my Yonanas:

  1. It’s a great addition to a healthy diet, as you can see, made by pure fruits, nothing else.
  2. It’s yummy! The texture is soft and creamy, like real ice-cream. My kids just love it!
  3. It’s one of the best solutions for my over-ripped bananas! I don’t have to throw them away, matter-of-factly, bananas with brown spots are the best ingredient for Yonanas!
  4. Easy to clean, easy to store. Inexpensive (especially with Gropon)
  5. Other than cotton candy maker, it is my kids favorite cooking toy~~~!
  6. There are lots of great receipts out there on the internet, you can Google them if you will.

So…now you are like me, can enjoy your yummy ice-cream without feeling guilty, right?!

happy weekendHave a great weekend~~~~! 🙂

To Check out more blogger’s review, click here. I have no marketing association with Yonana other than simply loving it~~~